I am a seventh year graduate student in sociology at the University of California, Davis. I hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Notre Dame. My sociological research interests lie in the areas of transnational sociology; race/ethnicity; gender; homonationalism; and conservative gay social movements. I’ve developed these interests through community activism and international service, and have tied my experiences with marginalized communities to the relationship of global processes of capitalism and the creation of the modern identity politics.

This is reflected in my current interest in conservative gay social movements and the construction of the gay right - spanning political organizations like the Log Cabin Republicans to the far-right National Socialist League (a neo-Nazi organization founded in 1974 explicitly for gay neo-Nazis). Pushing back against the idea of an inherently liberatory queer experience, I hope to explore how white gay men in particular experience and orient themselves with the Right and the Far-Right.

Areas of Interest: Race/ethnicity; gender; homonationalism; and conservative gay movements