Structures of Speech, Structures of Rights

This historical project focuses on the relationship between the concept of "freedom of speech" and it's limits, accessability, and organization. In particular, I explore the nature of free speech within the University context - an exemplar case to understand how the liberal dream of inclusion and free speech is limited by the material historical structures at work behind the scenes.


Queer Erotics of the Fascist State

This historical sociological project explicates the relationship between queer bodies, especially white male bodies, and the fascist state. In what ways are they at odds? In what ways are they complementary projects? 

In trying to answer this question I explore the question of aesthetics, organizations, and embodiment. The way bodies are eroticized under the state, and the state eroticized by bodies unsettles the historical idea that heterosexuality was the basis for a fascist state - instead arguing that regulatory practices of race and sex perhaps are more helpful in understanding the relationship of the state to eroticism.


Disposability and Social Movements

Social movements are often theorized through the len of resources; of time, money, and willingness to mobilize. In this project, my focus lies on the way social movements rely on the racial logics of anti-blackness. By articulating anti-blackness as social currency, this project proposes that social movements in the United States are based on a model in which exploitation lies at their heart. By framing resources within a scarcity model, our movements frequently fail those at the margins by reinscribing social worth into the bodies that participate in organizing.