Guest Lectures


"Flex Your Nation For Me: White Male Sexuality & Ultra-Nationalism" in Introduction to Sociology.


"Who's Nation: Blackness, Nationalism, and Participation in the 20s and 30s" in African American History

"The Permeable Prison: Sexual Health and the Prison Industrial Complex" in Global Disease Biology

Facilitated two classes ("Police Brutality" and BLM, and "The Rise of the Alt-Right") in "Films for Liberation"      


"#BLM and Black Liberation Movements" in History of the United States

"#BlackLivesMatter: When Black Suffering is the Foundation of the Ivory Tower" in  Ideologies of Race, Class, and Gender


“Introduction to Sex and Gender” in Introduction to Sociology


“Cultural Development Projects: Identity, Sexuality, and Governance” in Sexual    Stratification and Politics

“Global Ideologies: Colonialism, Identity, and Sexuality” in Industrialization and Social Change


 “Introducing a Sociology of Race” in Introduction to Sociology

“Revising History/Creating Culture: Queer Black Experience” in African American Politics, Society, and Culture

Invited Panelist


 Presider over “Trans and Non-Binary Sexualities” panel for the Sexualities Section of the American Sociological Association

Paper “Breaking the Binary: Violence and Its Uses in Campus (Counter-)Protest” presented to the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP)

Paper “Tipping The Scales: Gay Liberation in Two Frames” presented at Pacific Sociological Association and the American Sociological Association. 

Paper “Rituals of Belonging: Building Queer South Asian Ethnoscapes” presented at Pacific  Sociological Association

Invited Panelist “Working Our Workplaces: Can the Student Labor Movement Be          Decolonized?” at the National Women’s Studies Association Conference     


Invited Panelist “Women/Non-Binary POC: Living Activism & Scholarship"

Invited Speaker on "FOIA & Public Scholarship" at the UC War, Security, & Digital Media  Symposium

Invited Panelist “13th and BLM: Race and Incarceration Today"


Invited Speaker for Riot. Strike. Riot panel on the changing nature of social action today.                       

Invited Speaker “Trans Inclusivity Workshop" for the Gay and Lesbian Alumni of Notre Dame and Saint Mary's

Invited Speaker at Conference of Graduate Employee Unions 2016 -  “LGBT Struggles in Academic Unionism” & “Anti-Racist Movements On and Off Campus”